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July 6, 2023
Creation Care

Train to be an Episcopal Church Climate Ambassador

Strengthen your knowledge about climate change, working toward climate justice, and how to speak with and influence others with confidence and success. This four-hour training, which you can do online and on your own time, is offered to you from The Episcopal Church in partnership with Blessed Tomorrow. The training is FREE, delivered through an online Learning Management System, and comes with resources and opportunities for speaking about, taking action on, or advocating for climate solutions locally, regionally, or nationally.

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Request an Ambassador to Speak with Your Congregation

Practical Guidance for Churches and Congregations

Download the Moving Forward: A Guide to Climate Action For Your Congregation and Community from Episcopal Church partner Blessed Tomorrow, which provides practical information and resources to reduce energy use, strengthen the resilience of churches as sanctuary from a changing climate, and encourage support for policies that better care
for God’s creation. También disponible en español.

Climate Action Sheets — What to Know & What to Do

Learn how climate change affects things you care about and
accessible ways to act on solutions, then help others to do the same. Use these free, practical, two-page guides from Episcopal Church partner Blessed Tomorrow that tell you what you need to know and what you need to do about climate change, then share them widely with others around you!

5 Steps to Effective Climate Communication
Climate, Food, and Faith
Restore Nature, Restore Ourselves
In Your Home and Neighborhood
In Your Congregation
In Your Community
With Policymakers

Stay Informed

The Episcopal Church is a founding member of Blessed Tomorrow, a comprehensive climate change program that provides tools, resources, and opportunities for engagement to inspire and empower our congregations and communities in our work towards climate justice and to be witnesses to others. If you are interested in accessing Replication Guides that offer a successful and stepwise model for you to replicate climate action in your community, click here.

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