Frensdorff, Wesley

(July 22, 1926-May 17, 1988). Bishop and advocate of “total ministry.” He was born in Hanover, Germany. He received his B.A. from Columbia University in 1948 and his S.T.B. from the General Theological Seminary in 1951. He was ordained deacon on Mar. 31, 1951, and priest on Nov. 3, 1951. He had an extensive ministry in Nevada and Washington and was dean of St. Marks' Cathedral, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1962-1971. He was consecrated Bishop of Nevada on Mar. 4, 1972, and served until his resignation on Sept. 30, 1985. Frensdorff was Interim Bishop of the Navajoland Area Mission from Jan. 2, 1983, until his death, and Assistant Bishop of Arizona from Sept. 1, 1985, until his death. He is best known for his emphasis on local ministry following the model offered by Roland Allen. The phrase “total ministry” is associated with his vision of all church people, lay and ordained, as involved in the total and complete ministry of the church. He believed “total ministry” to be an effective way to serve in largely rural and sparsely populated regions such as Nevada. He died in an airplane accident.