Episcopal Youth Event

2017 Episcopal Youth Event Arrival Instructions

May 5, 2017
Episcopal Youth Event

The EYE17 Planning Team is excited to welcome your delegation to Oklahoma. We are committed to praying that your travel is smooth and that you arrive safely on Monday, July 10. Regardless of your arrival time, the Diocese of Oklahoma will have a team of volunteers prepared to greet you at the airport or on campus at the University of Central Oklahoma.

We will be prepared to check-in your delegation at the Registration Desk beginning at 1 pm on July 10. If you arrive prior to 1 pm, the Nigh University Center on central campus offers food, a coffee shop, and a bookstore where you can purchase lunch, relax, and explore. However, you will be responsible for your luggage as dorm rooms will not be ready prior to 1 pm. At 1 pm your Registrar or On-Site Contact may come to the Registration desk, which will be located in The Quad, to check-in. You will receive instructions at that time for reaching your dorm, as well as meal times and room assignments.

Airport Arrival Procedure

When you land, please call the Airport Hospitality Team at 405-343-0428 to let them know you have arrived. We need to know if you are coming straight out of security or if you are taking your time for bathrooms and food. Please note that there is no food available once you leave security and come to baggage claim.

Airport Hospitality Volunteers with EYE17 signs will be looking for you as you make your way to your plane’s assigned baggage claim. You will then be ushered to a shuttle bus that will bring you to campus where you will be greeted by a member of the On-Campus Hospitality Team. Your Registrar or On-Site Contact will be escorted off the bus to the Registration Desk to pick up materials and dorm assignments. The rest of the group will remain on the bus and with the luggage until they return with instructions. Dinner will be served according to the schedule received at check-in.

If you experience a flight delay, please call 405-343-0428 so we can rearrange shuttles accordingly.

Charter Bus/Personal Vehicle Arrival Procedure

Please arrive on campus using University Drive and following the attached Bus/Car Arrival Routes map. There will also be signs along University Drive to direct your driver to the location. You will then follow the same procedure as above for registration and luggage. 

If you are experiencing travel delays or find that you are lost, please call 405-343-0428.

Once You Arrive

Once on campus there will be optional activities to engage in and the Exhibit Hall will be open. Starting on Monday, we will staff an information desk at the Nigh University Center to help you with any questions or details.

There will be a mandatory meeting to review campus safety procedures and brief you about pastoral care for the event at 4 pm and again at 7 pm on July 10. At least two adults, including the Registrar or On-Site Contact, from each diocese (unless you only have one adult with your group) must attend this session. If your arrival time prevents your participation, the Dorm Crew will catch you up.

If you have any questions, please contact Wendy Johnson, EYE17 Event Coordinator, Wendy Karr Johnson, 347-880-6512.

  • Download these instructions as a pdf.
  • Download the Arrival Map for University of Central Oklahoma.

David Stickley

Formation Associate