Episcopal Youth Event

EYE17 Pastoral Care Team members

April 12, 2017
Episcopal Youth Event

The EYE17 Pastoral Care Team is made up of 40 young adults and adults who are volunteering help support the event by serving as the Chaplains, Residential Staff, Chaplains, and Medical Team.

Members of the EYE17 Pastoral Care Team are:


Sister Barbara Jean Brown
Cookie Cantwell
Jess Elfring-Roberts
Ariana Gonzalez-Bonillas
Donna Lima-Monteiro

Medical Staff

The Reverend Chris Christy
Amy O’Donnell
Tracie Shockley
Lani Untalan
Linda Wilson

Peer Ministers

Donnecia Brown
Courtney Crosby
Christopher Decatur
Hannah Graham
Luis Enrique Hernandez Rivas
Susannah Jones-Hochmuth
Caren Miles
Marcia Quintanilla
Anna Risch
Aaron Rogers
Br. Angel Roque
Jeremiah Shipman
Daniel Spicer
Christy Stang
Noah Sutter
Ivy Swinski
Megan-Drew Tiller
Brittney Traudt
Megan Tyner

Residental Staff

Hilary Bogert-Winkler
Madeline Carroll
Rich Clark
Ben Cowgill
Benjamin Garren
Alexizendria Link
Darling Daviel Ortiz Chemountd 
Gladys Rodriguez
Bill Slocumb
Gregory Stark
Sarah Stonesifer
Rev. Alejandra Trillos 
Lauren Wainwright
Rita Yoe

David Stickley

Formation Associate