Episcopal Youth Event

Registration Information for EYE17

August 10, 2016
Episcopal Youth Event

The next Episcopal Youth Event, EYE17, will be held in partnership with the Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma from July 10-14, 2017 on the campus of the University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond. 

Here are preliminary details about EYE17, including cost and registration procedures:


Registration for EYE17 will open in January 2017 and will remain open until March 15, or when dorm capacity is reached, whichever happens first. Registration for EYE17 can only be completed by a Diocesan Registrar who is appointed by a diocesan bishop.

Every diocesan bishop has been asked to identify a Registrar for their diocese. This individual must accept responsibility for completion of the following tasks:

  1. Registering the diocesan delegation;
  2. Ensuring that every adult chaperone has a current (within 5 years) criminal/sexual background check on file with the diocese and has completed the Prevention of Sexual Misconduct training; 
  3. Ensuring that adult to youth ratios, age, and gender representation meet the EYE17 requirements outlined below; and
  4. Authorizing expenses and payments  on behalf of the diocese, such as EYE17 registration and potential transportation fees.

Bishops are asked to use this link to send the name of their appointed Registrar to Valerie Harris by Friday, September 16, 2016. There can be only one Registrar per diocese.

Youth Participation

Each diocese may send up to 24 high-school-aged youths. This means that the young person is currently enrolled in 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grade during this 2016-2017 school year. Your diocese will have the greatest success if you recruit and discern a diverse group of faithful, mature high schoolers able to handle travel, speaking in groups, sharing their own faith journeys, and whom you trust to honor the covenant for behavior required of all participants.

Adult Chaperones

Adult chaperones should be individuals energized by learning alongside young people and committed to empowering and equipping them to be disciples in the world. Dioceses will be asked to send one adult for every four to six youths, with a maximum of six adults for a group of 24 youths.

Chaperone teams should be comprised of adults at least 23 years of age and older and must include genders represented among the youth. That means if you have both male and female youth participating, you need to have both male and female chaperones. No more than one adult per four youths will be permitted to attend.

All adults must have completed the Prevention of Sexual Misconduct training and must have a current (within 5 years) criminal/sexual background check on file in their sending diocese.

Registration Cost and Deposit

EYE17 will cost $350 per participant, whether youth or adult. This includes 11 meals, lodging during the event, transportation to and from the Oklahoma City airport, all EYE17 workshops and plenary sessions, and any other regularly planned activities during EYE17. It does not include transportation to and from Oklahoma City or any pre-or post-EYE17 activities. A deposit will be required at the time of registration in early 2017 with the remainder due later that spring.

Bishops Encouraged to Participate!

We have a great tradition of bishop participation at EYE that we plan to continue in Oklahoma!

Diocesan, suffragan, and assisting bishops may register as adult chaperones, and stay in dorms with youth and other adult chaperones if they file a current background check (within 5 years) with the Presiding Bishop’s office. Bishops will also be permitted to register individually for alternative housing or as daily guests on campus. More details will be forthcoming as soon as we can determine pricing for these options. Every bishop will receive a specific invitation from the Youth Ministries Office once details are finalized.

Pastoral Care Team

Applications are now accepted for the Pastoral Care Team members for the 2017 Episcopal Youth Event (EYE17). The Pastoral Care team is open to young adults or adults (at least 19 years of age or older) who are willing to volunteer to support the ministry and work of EYE17.  Among the Pastoral Care Team positions are: Residential Staff; Peer Ministers; Chaplains; and Medical Care Team. Read more.

On behalf of the Youth Ministries Office of The Episcopal Church, we look forward to working with you toward a meaningful EYE17. Please be in touch with Valerie Harris if you have any questions, vharris@episcopalchurch.org, 212-716-6099.

We are grateful for your cooperation and prayers as we welcome your questions!

Your Episcopal Youth Event Team from the Presiding Bishop’s Staff:

  • Bronwyn Clark Skov, Youth Ministries Office
  • Wendy Johnson, Event Coordinator
  • Shannon Kelly, Pastoral Care Team for Young Adults
  • Valerie Harris, Associate for Formation

David Stickley

Formation Associate