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St. Philip’s Episcopal Church in Buffalo, NY

About Province VI

Province VI of The Episcopal Church – The Land of Mountains, Lakes and Plains – includes the dioceses of Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming.  Most of the province is included in the Great Plains area, while the western parts include the Rocky Mountains. The 717,081 square miles of the Province is greatly involved in agribusiness with some mining/oil drilling and tourism.  

This land has been the home of many indigenous tribes since prehistoric times and today each of the dioceses in Province VI experience some form of ministry with indigenous peoples.

As with many parts of our country, Province VI is finding urban population centers growing while many of the smaller towns are declining in population.  The rural Plains have lost a third of their population since 1920.  The 2020 census records a population in Province VI as 19,963,358.  There are 75,726 members of The Episcopal Church in Province VI and 473 Episcopal Churches across this vast area. 

In the 1800’s most of Province VI was served by circuit-riding and missionary clergy – bishops and priests.  The spirit of the rugged homesteader/farmer/rancher created an individualism with a strong will to survive. 

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Diocesan Representatives

Ms. Ellen Bruckner
Province VI Coordinator

The Rev. David Dill
Diocese of Colorado

Diocese of Iowa

The Rev. Rick Swenson
Diocese of Minnesota

Ms. Gretchen Swift
Diocese of Montana

The Rev. Chris Plantz
Diocese of Nebraska

The Rev. Hal Weidman
Diocese of North Dakota

Ms. Julie Nelson Gehm
Diocese of South Dakota

Ms. Cindy King
Diocese of Wyoming