An Episcopal Dictionary of the Church

Glossary of Terms

Enlightenment, The

An intellectual and cultural development which emphasized the ability of human reason to grasp the ultimate meaning of life and creation in terms of self-evident truths. It was widespread in […]


(c. 1813-June 11, 1902). American Indian priest and missionary. He was born on the north shore of Rice Lake, Ontario, Canada, and was a member of the Chippewa (Ojibwe) Nation. […]

Enriching Our Worship

A collection of supplemental liturgical materials prepared by the Standing Liturgical Commission (1997) and published by Church Publishing Incorporated. It includes resources and forms for Morning and Evening Prayer, Order […]

Entrance Rite

The liturgical gathering of the people as the worshiping community at the beginning of the eucharist. The entrance rite prepares the congregation for the liturgy of the word. Until the […]


(Ephraem) of Edessa (d. June 373). Early church theologian. He was born at or near Nisibis, in modern-day Turkey. Ephrem lived at Nisibis until 363, when he moved to Edessa. […]


The invocation of the active presence of the Holy Spirit in the eucharistic prayer so that the bread and wine may become the body and blood of Christ. The presider […]

Epiphany Season

A season of four to nine weeks, from the Feast of the Epiphany (Jan. 6) through the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. The length of the season varies according to the […]

Epiphany, The

The manifestation of Christ to the peoples of the earth. The winter solstice was kept on Jan. 6 at some places during the first centuries of the Christian Era. In […]


1) Concerning the Episcopal Church. Used in this sense, the adjective “Episcopal” is always capitalized. For example, “The Episcopal liturgy will be used at the wedding.” Similarly, “The Episcopal priest […]

Episcopal Academy of Connecticut

This school was founded at Cheshire, Connecticut, in 1794 to “serve the double purpose of a preparatory school and a university.” Sometimes it was referred to as “Seabury University.” The […]

Episcopal Academy, Merion, Pennsylvania, The

The vestry of Christ Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, founded The Episcopal Academy on Jan. 1, 1785. It opened on Apr. 4, 1785. The president of the board of trustees was […]

Episcopal Ad Project

This ministry was started at St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Minneapolis, in 1978. The Rev. Dr. George Harvey Martin, the rector, asked for help from advertising professionals to write ads which […]

Episcopal Church Annual, The

An annual directory of the Episcopal Church. It contains the names and addresses of all parishes and diocesan offices, bishops, priests and deacons, seminaries, publications, conference centers, social agencies, religious […]

Episcopal Church Center

The national headquarters for the Episcopal Church, located in New York City. It includes the executive offices of the Presiding Bishop. It is the place where the fiduciary responsibilities for […]

Episcopal Church Flag and Seal

On Oct. 16, 1940, the House of Bishops and the House of Deputies adopted an official flag for the Episcopal Church. This was the 251st anniversary of the day the […]

Episcopal Church News

(Jan27, 1952-Aug. 18, 1957). This journal continued The Southern Churchman, which began publication in 1835. The first volume of Episcopal Churchnews was published on Jan. 27, 1952. It was weekly […]

Episcopal Church Seal

See Episcopal Church Flag and Seal.

Episcopal Church, The

A conference of three clergy and twenty-four lay delegates met at Chestertown, Kent County, Maryland, on Nov. 9, 1780, and resolved that "the Church formerly known in the Province as […]

Episcopal Clerical Directory

A compilation of clergy biographies was first published in 1898. Over the years it was variously called Lloyd's Clerical Directory, The American Church Directory, and Stowe's Clerical Directory. In 1956 […]

Episcopal Divinity School (EDS)

EDS was established at Cambridge, Massachusetts, on June 6, 1974, by the merger of the Philadelphia Divinity School and the Episcopal Theological School, Cambridge, with the encouragement of the Episcopal […]

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Glossary definitions provided courtesy of Church Publishing Incorporated, New York, NY,(All Rights reserved) from “An Episcopal Dictionary of the Church, A User Friendly Reference for Episcopalians,” Don S. Armentrout and Robert Boak Slocum, editors.