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Glossary of Terms

Guatemala, Diocese of

The House of Bishops created the Missionary District of Guatemala on Sept. 18, 1967. On Nov. 26, 1967, William Carl Frey was consecrated the first Missionary Bishop. On Jan. 20, 1973, Anselmo Carral-Solar was consecrated the first native Bishop of Guatemala. It became the Diocese of Guatemala on Jan. 1, 1980. This page is available […]

Guerry, William Alexander

(July 7, 1861-June 9, 1928). Bishop assassinated by a priest. He was born in Clarendon County, South Carolina. Guerry received his B.A. in 1884, his M.A. in 1884, and his B.D. in 1891, all from the University of the South. He was ordained deacon on Sept. 23, 1888, and priest on Dec. 22, 1889. After […]

Guidelines and Procedures for Continuing Alteration of the Calendar

See Lesser Feasts and Fasts, The (LFF). This page is available in: Español

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This page is available in: Español