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In Orthodox worship, a short hymn in honor of a saint or the departed. A Kontakion, “Give rest, O Christ, to your servant,” is used in the Burial Office of […]

Kyoto, Missionary District of

The 1898 General Convention voted to divide the Missionary District of Tokyo and erect the Missionary District of Kyoto. This missionary district existed until 1941, when it was transferred to […]

Kyrie eleison

In the early church, in the east, the Greek supplication Kyrie eleison (“Lord, have mercy”) was the common response to intercessory biddings addressed to the people. It is now used […]

Kyrie Pantokrator

The canticle Kyrie Pantokrator or “A Song of Penitence” appears as Canticle 14 in Morning Prayer, Rite 2, of the BCP (pp. 90-91). It is compiled from several verses of […]

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