An Episcopal Dictionary of the Church

Adams, William

(July 3, 1813-Jan. 2, 1897). One of the founders of Nashotah House, he was born in Monaghan, Ireland, and received his B.A. in 1836 from Trinity College, Dublin. In 1838 he came to the United States and entered the General Theological Seminary, New York, graduating in 1841. He was ordained deacon on June 27, 1841, and in Sept. of that year went to Wisconsin with two of his classmates, James Lloyd Breck and John Henry Hobart Jr., to do missionary work under Bishop Jackson Kemper. They formed the Nashotah mission and founded Nashotah House. Adams was ordained priest on Oct. 9, 1842, and served as professor of systematic divinity at Nashotah House from 1843 until his retirement in 1893. He died at Nashotah House and is buried there. Among his published works are Mercy to Babes (1847) and A New Treatise Upon Regeneration in Baptism (1871).

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