An Episcopal Dictionary of the Church

Alban, St.

(d. c. 304). First Christian martyr of Britain. The little known about him is from the Venerable Bede. Bede's story places Alban's martyrdom during the persecution of Diocletius (c. 304), but some scholars suggest that it may have occurred during the persecution of Decius (c. 254) or of Septimius Severus (c. 209). Bede writes that Alban was a soldier in the Roman army stationed at Verularnium, a Roman city northeast of London. It is now called St. Alban's. Alban gave shelter to a priest, traditionally known as Amphilalus, who was being persecuted. Alban was converted by the priest and baptized. Alban clothed himself in the priest's clothing, allowing the priest to escape when soldiers came to search the house. Alban was killed in place of the priest. His life is commemorated in the Episcopal calendar of the church year on June 22.

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