An Episcopal Dictionary of the Church

Boucher, Jonathan

(Mar. 12, 1738-Apr. 27, 1804). Tory clergyman. He was born in Blencogo, parish of Bromfield, Cumberland County, England. He came to Virginia in 1759 to serve as tutor for two boys in Port Royal. Boucher felt called to ordained ministry while he was in Virginia, but he had to go to England for ordination because there was no bishop in the colonies. He was ordained deacon on Mar. 26, 1762, and priest on Mar. 31, 1762. Boucher returned to Virginia where he became rector of St. Mary's Parish, Caroline County. At St. Mary's he was a parish pastor, schoolmaster, and planter. Among his pupils was John Park Curtis, son of Martha Washington and step-son of George Washington. Boucher and Washington became friends and shared an extensive correspondence. On May 10, 1770, he became rector of St. Anne's Church, Anne Arundel County, Maryland, and in Nov. 1771 he became rector of Queen Anne's Parish, Prince George's County. Boucher was a forceful advocate for bishops in the colonies, and a firm supporter of the established order. To protect himself when he preached he carried a pair of loaded pistols into the pulpit. In 1775 he returned to England and served parishes there until his death at Carlisle.

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