An Episcopal Dictionary of the Church

Christ School, Arden, North Carolina

This school was founded in 1900 by the Rev. and Mrs. Thomas C. Wetmore on land deeded to them by Mrs. Wetmore's family, the Robertsons. The school was established as a mission to the underprivileged children of western North Carolina. It began under the jurisdiction of the Missionary District of Asheville. It offered an education in all grade levels to any male or female student who wished to learn. Most of the work of operating the school, from shoveling coal for the furnaces to milking the cows on the associated farm, was done by the students. It was incorporated in 1907 as a private, self-supporting institution. Under headmaster Reuben R. Harris it became a boy's college preparatory school, and girls have not been admitted since 1928. It continues to be committed to the residential nature of its founding. It no longer has official connections with the Episcopal Church or the Diocese of Western North Carolina.

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