An Episcopal Dictionary of the Church

Colorado School of Mines

The Rt. Rev. George Maxwell Randall (1810-1873), the first Bishop of Colorado, received a gift of $5,000 in 1868 from a Brooklyn, New York, merchant, George A. Jarvis, to establish a school. With this gift plus ten acres of land in Golden, Colorado, he laid the cornerstone of Jarvis Hall, on Aug. 25, 1869. It was named for the Rt. Rev. Abraham Jarvis, the second Bishop of Connecticut. This was to be a School of Mines, and the school was known as Jarvis Hall. On Nov. 17, 1869, a storm destroyed Jarvis Hall. On Oct. 19, 1870, Jarvis Hall reopened. On Feb. 9, 1874, the School of Mines was deeded to the Territory of Colorado.

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