An Episcopal Dictionary of the Church

Corrigan, Daniel

(Oct. 25, 1900-Sept. 21, 1994). One of three bishops who first ordained women. He was born in Rochester, Minnesota, and received his B.D. from Nashotah House in 1925. He was ordained deacon on June 1, 1924, and priest on May 21, 1925. He was rector of St. John the Baptist Church, Portage, Wisconsin, 1925-1931; Zion Church, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, 1931-1944; Grace and St. Peter's Church, Baltimore; and St. Paul's Church, St. Paul, Minnesota. He was consecrated Suffragan Bishop of Colorado on May 1, 1958. He resigned on June 1, 1960, to become director of the Home Department of the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church, where he served until 1968. In 1969-1970 he was acting dean of Bexley Hall. Corrigan was one of three bishops who ordained eleven women to the priesthood on July 29, 1974, two years before General Convention voted to ordain women to the priesthood. He was known as an advocate for peace and human rights. He demonstrated against the Vietnam War and participated in AIDS ministry in Los Angeles. He died in Santa Barbara, California.

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