An Episcopal Dictionary of the Church

Cuttington University College-in-Exile (Lawrenceville, Virginia)

Cuttington University College in Suacoco, Liberia, was forced to close in 1989 because of the civil war in Liberia. The college president, Dr. Melvin J. Mason, and many friends of Cuttington, including alumni, former Fulbright scholars, and Peace Corps volunteers, established Cuttington-in-Exile to keep hope alive for Liberia and students displaced by the war. Cuttington's supporters recognized its importance to Liberia and realized the role it could have in rebuilding the country. At first, Cuttington operated in the office of the Association of Episcopal Colleges in New York. Cuttington-in-Exile was subsequently relocated to St. Paul's College in Lawrenceville, Virginia. Many Cuttington students then gained admission to colleges and universities in the United States and abroad. Some received Cuttington degrees through joint programs. The office at St. Paul's College closed early in 1996 in anticipation of returning to Liberia, but hostilities prevented the move. The office of Cuttington-in-Exile returned to the office of the Association of Episcopal Colleges. See Cuttington University College, Liberia.

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