An Episcopal Dictionary of the Church

Dehon, Theodore

(Dec. 8, 1776-Aug. 6, 1817). High church bishop. He was born in Boston. He graduated from Harvard College in 1795 and received his theological education from Samuel Parker, later Bishop of Massachusetts. He was ordained to the diaconate on Dec. 24, 1797, and to the priesthood on Oct. 9, 1800. Dehon served as rector of Trinity Church, Newport, Rhode Island from 1797 until 1810, when he accepted charge of St. Michael's Church, Charleston, South Carolina. A highly respected pastor at St. Michael's, he was soon chosen bishop and consecrated on Oct. 15, 1812. He served as Bishop of South Carolina until his death. Dehon worked diligently to revive the spiritual life of the diocese. He stressed the value of the sacraments and conformity to the Prayer Book, introduced weekday feasts and fasts, and urged a special reverence for Lent and Holy Week. Dehon remained rector of St. Michael's during his episcopate. He died in Charleston.

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