An Episcopal Dictionary of the Church

Goodwin, William Archer Rutherfoord

(June 18, 1869-Sept. 7, 1939). Historian and priest. He was born in Richmond, Virginia. Goodwin received his B.A. and M.A. from Roanoke College in 1889. In 1890 he studied at Richmond College. He received his B.D. from Virginia Theological Seminary in 1893. Goodwin was ordained deacon on June 23, 1893, and priest on July 1, 1894. He was rector of St. John's Church, Petersburg, Virginia, 1893-1903, and while there taught at the Bishop Payne Divinity School in Petersburg. From 1903 until 1909, he was rector of Bruton Parish, Williamsburg. From 1909 until 1923, he was rector of St. Paul's Church, Rochester, New York. In 1923 he became head of the Department of Biblical Literature and Religious Education at the College of William and Mary. He served a second time as rector of Bruton Parish, 1923-1937. Goodwin was a leader in the restoration of Bruton Parish Church. He also directed the Rockefeller restoration of historic Williamsburg. Goodwin was the author of numerous books, including several studies of Bruton Parish. He also edited History of the Theological Seminary in Virginia and Its Historical Background, 2 vols. (1923-1924). Goodwin died in Williamsburg.

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