An Episcopal Dictionary of the Church

Gregg, Alexander

(Oct. 8, 1819-July 11, 1893). Bishop and leading supporter of the University of the South. He was born in Society Hill, Darlington District, South Carolina. Gregg received his B.A. from South Carolina College in 1838 and then studied law. He practiced law in Cheraw, South Carolina. He was attracted to St. David's Church in Cheraw, where he was baptized and confirmed in 1843. Gregg was ordained deacon on June 10, 1846, and priest on Dec. 19, 1847. His entire parochial ministry was spent as rector of St. David's Church, Cheraw. On Oct. 13, 1859, he was consecrated the first Bishop of Texas and served in that position until his death. As bishop of the largest geographical diocese in the Episcopal Church, Gregg was an inveterate traveler. Under his leadership the Diocese of Texas was divided into three dioceses in 1874. He was the fourth Chancellor of the University of the South, serving from Aug. 1, 1887, until his death. He was the first elected Chancellor of the University. His three predecessors served by virtue of their seniority in terms of the date of their consecration as bishops. Gregg has been called “the John Henry Hobart of Texas.” He died in Austin, Texas.

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