An Episcopal Dictionary of the Church

Hilary, Bishop of Poitiers

(c. 315-c. 367). Bishop and theologian. He was born in Poitiers, Gaul (France). Around 353 he was consecrated Bishop of Poitiers and spent most of his episcopal life fighting the Arians and defending the great Nicene theologian, Athanasius. Hilary also promoted the work of Martin of Tours, who introduced monasticism into Gaul. His most significant writing was De Trinitate (On the Trinity), the first extensive study of this doctrine in the west, which was written against the Arians. Jerome called him “the trumpet of the Latins against the Arians,” and he also was called “the Athanasius of the West.” In 1851 Pope Pius IX named him a Doctor of the Church. He is commemorated in the Episcopal calendar of the church year on Jan. 13.

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