An Episcopal Dictionary of the Church

Jarvis, Abraham

(May 5, 1739-May 3, 1813). Bishop and high church Tory. He was born in Norwalk, Connecticut. Jarvis graduated from Yale College in 1761. For a short time he studied theology with the Rev. Thomas Bradbury Chandler, rector of St. John's Church, Elizabeth Town, New Jersey, where he learned strict high church principles. He went to England and was ordained deacon on Feb. 5, 1764, and priest on Feb. 19, 1764. Upon his return to America, Jarvis served as rector of Christ Church, Middletown, Connecticut, from 1764 until 1799. During the American Revolution he was a Loyalist and a chaplain to Tories who were imprisoned. He was secretary of the secret meeting on Mar. 25, 1783, at Woodbury, Connecticut, at which Samuel Seabury was chosen to go to England to be consecrated bishop. Jarvis was consecrated the second Bishop of Connecticut on Oct. 18, 1797, and served in that position until his death. Samuel Farmar Jarvis was his son. He died in New Haven, Connecticut.

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