An Episcopal Dictionary of the Church

Johnson, Samuel Roosevelt

(Nov. 18, 1802-Aug. 13, 1873). Priest and seminary professor. He was born in Newton, Long Island, New York. Johnson graduated from Columbia College in 1820, and from the General Theological Seminary in 1823. He was ordained deacon on Jan. 6, 1824, and priest on Aug. 1, 1827. From 1824 until 1834 he was rector of St. James' Church, Hyde Park, New York. After a brief period as rector of St. George's Church, Flushing, Long Island, he traveled with Missionary Bishop Jackson Kemper in the Northwest. In 1837 Johnson moved to Lafayette, Indiana, where he founded St. John's Parish, and served as rector. In 1847 he moved to Brooklyn and served as rector of St. John's Church. On Nov. 5, 1850, he was elected professor of systematic divinity at the General Theological Seminary and served there until his retirement in June 1870. Johnson was a high churchman in the tradition of John Henry Hobart. He argued for an early, daily celebration of the Holy Eucharist at General Seminary. After his retirement he served St. Thomas' Church, Amenia Union, New York, where he died.

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