An Episcopal Dictionary of the Church

Johnson, Sherman Elbridge

(Mar. 7, 1908-Mar. 23, 1993). NT scholar and seminary dean. He was born in Hutchinson, Kansas. Johnson received his B.A. in 1933 from Northwestern University. He received his B.D. in 1933, and his S.T.M. in 1934, both from Seabury-Western Theological Seminary. He was ordained deacon on Apr. 30, 1933, and priest on Nov. 1, 1933. In 1933-1934, he was a tutor at Seabury-Western, and in 1934-1936, he was a lecturer there. In 1936 Johnson received his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago. He taught NT at Nashotah House, 1936-1940, and then at the Episcopal Theological School, 1940-1951. Johnson served as dean and president of the Church Divinity School of the Pacific from 1951 until 1972. After 1972 he served as visiting professor at several theological seminaries. Johnson supported an ecumenical consortium in Berkeley, California, which became a reality in 1962 as the Graduate Theological Union. He was the author of more than 150 books and articles, including A Commentary on the Gospel According to St. Mark. Johnson died in Holly, Vallejo, California.

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