An Episcopal Dictionary of the Church

Nebraska, Diocese of

The territory of Nebraska was first under the jurisdiction of Jackson Kemper, Missionary Bishop of Missouri and Indiana. In 1859 it became a part of the jurisdiction of the Missionary Bishop of the Northwest, Joseph Cruikshank Talbot. The 1865 General Convention created the Missionary District of Nebraska and Dakota. The primary convention of the Diocese of Nebraska was held at Trinity Pro-Cathedral, Omaha, Sept. 9-10, 1868. On Sept. 5, 1872, the pro-cathedral became Trinity Cathedral. The Diocese of Nebraska was divided in 1889 and reunited in 1946. In 1918 George A. Beecher, Missionary Bishop of Western Nebraska, designated St. Mark's Church, Hastings, the pro-cathedral. Nebraska has both a cathedral and a pro-cathedral. See Kearney, Missionary District of; see Laramie, Missionary District of; see Northwest, Missionary District of the; see The Platte, Missionary District of; see Western Nebraska, Missionary District of.

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