An Episcopal Dictionary of the Church

Pilmore, or Pilmoor, Joseph

(Oct. 31, 1739-July 24, 1825). A leading early evangelical preacher. He was born in Tadmouth, England. Pilmore was educated in John Wesley's school at Kingswood and was a Methodist lay missionary in Great Britain, 1767-1769. In 1769 he came to the American colonies. He served as a lay missionary from 1769 until 1774, when he returned to England. He and Richard Boardman were the first two authorized Methodist preachers sent to America by John Wesley. Pilmore separated from John Wesley when Wesley issued the “Deed of Declaration” in 1784, which provided for the continuance of the Methodist movement and laid the foundation for the separation of the Methodists from the Church of England. He was ordained deacon on Nov. 27, 1785, and priest on Nov. 29, 1785. Pilmore was rector of the United Parishes in Philadelphia, 1786-1789, and assistant minister of St. Paul's Church, Philadelphia, 1789-1793. From 1793 until 1804 he was rector of Christ Church, New York City. From 1804 until his death he was rector of St. Paul's Church, Philadelphia. He died in Philadelphia.

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