An Episcopal Dictionary of the Church

Smith, Robert

(Aug. 25, 1732-Oct. 28, 1801). First Bishop of South Carolina. He was born in the County of Norfolk, England. Smith studied at Caius College and Gonville College, Cambridge University, and received his B.A. in 1753. Smith was ordained deacon on Mar. 7, 1756, and priest on Dec. 21, 1756. He emigrated to America. Smith became assistant minister at St. Philip's Church, Charleston, South Carolina, in 1757, and rector in 1759. He supported the American Revolution. When the British occupied Charleston in 1780 he fled to Maryland and became priest-in-charge of St. Paul's Parish in Queen Anne County. Smith returned to St. Philip's, Charleston, in 1783. He helped to found the College of Charleston, where he served as president until 1797. On Sept. 13, 1795, he was consecrated Bishop of South Carolina. He served in that position until his death. He also continued as rector of St. Philip's Church. He died in Charleston.

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