An Episcopal Dictionary of the Church

St James College, Fountain Rock, Hagerstown, Maryland

St. James College was founded by the Rt. Rev. William Rollinson Whittingham, the fourth Bishop of Maryland, and the Rev. Theodore Benedict Lyman (1815-1893), rector of St. John's Church, Hagerstown. St. James was to be patterned after St. Paul's School, College Point, New York. Bishop Whittingham arranged for the Rev. John Barrett Kerfoot (1816-1881) to leave St. Paul's School and to head the new school. On Oct. 2, 1842, St. James College opened in Claggett Hall, named after Thomas John Claggett, the first Bishop of Maryland. The final commencement was held on July 12, 1864. On Sept. 1, 1864, an announcement was made that “The College of St. James is forced by the perils of war to suspend its work.” It continues as St. James School.

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