An Episcopal Dictionary of the Church

Tiffany, Charles Comfort

(Oct. 5, 1829-Aug. 20, 1907). Episcopal Church historian. He was born in Baltimore, Maryland. Tiffany received his M.A. from Dickinson College in 1853. He studied at the Andover Theological Seminary. He also studied at the Universities of Halle, Heidelberg, and Berlin. Tiffany was ordained deacon on July 15, 1866, and priest on Nov. 11, 1866. He was rector of St. James' Church, Fordham, New York, 1867-1871; assistant on the Green Foundation, Trinity Church, Boston, 1871-1874; rector of the Church of the Atonement, New York, 1874-1880; and rector of Zion Church, New York, 1880-1890. In 1893 Tiffany became Archdeacon of New York. His major contribution to the Episcopal Church was his book, A History of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America (1895). It was a volume in the “American Church History” series. This series is the beginning of serious historiography with regard to American denominations. Tiffany died in North East Harbor, Maine.

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