An Episcopal Dictionary of the Church

Tucker, Francis Bland

(Jan. 6, 1895-Jan. 1, 1984). Priest and hymn composer. He was born in Norfolk, Virginia, the son of Beverley Dandridge Tucker, later Bishop of Southern Virginia, and Anna Maria (Washington) Tucker, who had been born in Mount Vernon. He was educated at the University of Virginia and Virginia Theological Seminary. Tucker was ordained deacon on July 21, 1918, and priest on Jan. 13, 1920. He served Grammar Parish, Brunswick County, Virginia, 1920-1925, St. John's, Georgetown, District of Columbia, 1925-1945, and Christ Church, Savannah, Georgia, 1945-1967. He served on the Joint Commission on the Hymnal for The Hymnal (1940) and on the text committee for The Hymnal 1982. Tucker contributed six original hymns, translations, or metrical paraphrases to The Hymnal (1940). The Hymnal 1982 has seventeen contributions from Tucker, including his translations of the texts “O gracious light” (Hymns 25-26), “Father, we thank thee who hast planted” (Hymns 302-303), and “The great Creator of the worlds” (Hymn 489), and his original text “Our Father, by whose Name” (Hymn 587). Only John Mason Neale is credited with more items in The Hymnal 1982. Several of his hymns are included in other current hymnals, both in this country and abroad. He died in Savannah.

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