An Episcopal Dictionary of the Church

Tuttle, Daniel Sylvester

(Jan. 26, 1837-Apr. 17, 1923). Thirteenth Presiding Bishop. He was born in Windham, New York. He graduated from Columbia in 1857 and from the General Theological Seminary in 1862. Tuttle was ordained deacon on June 29, 1862, and priest on July 19, 1863. He began his ordained ministry as curate at Zion Church, Morris, New York, and succeeded to the rectorship of the parish shortly afterward upon the death of the rector. On Oct. 5, 1866, the House of Bishops elected him Missionary Bishop of Montana with jurisdiction in Utah and Idaho. He was consecrated on May 1, 1867, after he had turned thirty, the canonical age requirement for consecration of a bishop. On Oct. 15, 1880, the House of Bishops formed the Missionary District of Utah and Idaho, and Tuttle served as its Missionary Bishop. On May 26, 1886, he was elected Bishop of Missouri. He served in that capacity from Aug. 10, 1886, until his death. From Dec. 3, 1903, until Dec. 14, 1904, he was acting Bishop of the Missionary District of Salt Lake, which included all of Utah and portions of Nevada and Wyoming. Tuttle served as Presiding Bishop from Sept. 7, 1903, until his death. He died in St. Louis. See Utah, Diocese of.

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