An Episcopal Dictionary of the Church

Victimae Paschali

Latin incipit (opening words) of the traditional Easter sequence, “Christians, to the Paschal victim” (Hymn 183 in The Hymnal 1982). This plainsong chant hymn is ascribed to Wigbert (Wipo of Burgundy) in the eleventh century. It provides a dramatic celebration of Christ's victory over death in the context of a dialogue between Mary Magdalene and a narrator. It was well known in the middle ages and at times performed as part of a traditional extraliturgical Easter drama. Adaptations of this sequence include Luther's “Christ Jesus lay in death's strong bands” (Hymn 185) and the twelfth-century German adaptation “Christ the Lord is risen again!” (Hymn 184). The chant hymn tune for “Christians, to the Paschal victim” (Hymn 183) is named Victimae Paschali laudes. See Sequence.

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