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HBCUs: Historically Black Colleges and Universities Educational Enterprise Grants

Provides financial resources to the two remaining Episcopal Historically Black Colleges and University (HBCUs): St. Augustine’s University in Raleigh, NC, and Voorhees College in Denmark, SC.

HBCUs were founded to create dynamic, supportive, and empowering educational environments for young people from diverse backgrounds.   

Saint Augustine’s University
(SAU) was founded in 1867 by the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina. Located in Raleigh, over 1,000 students pursue Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees at SAU, while adult learners engage in advanced studies in Criminal Justice, Organizational Management, and Religious Studies. The mission of the university is to sustain a learning community in which students can prepare academically, socially, and spiritually for leadership in complex, diverse, and rapidly changing world.

Voorhees College
A private historically black four-year liberal arts college located in Denmark, SC. Voorhees was founded as the Denmark Industrial School by Elizabeth Evelyn Wright, a young black woman, in 1897. A former student of Booker T. Washington, Miss Wright dreamed the seemingly impossible dream of starting a school for African American youth in rural Bamberg County, SC.

Contact: Kurt Barnes, Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer

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