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Faces of Christ

There are no accurate descriptions of what Jesus may have looked like. For centuries, Christians and artists all over the world have used their imaginations to carve or draw, paint or sculpt, weave or build what they saw in their hearts. Often Jesus is portrayed in our own image, seen as one of us, in our community.

The image of Christ has been used as a call to justice, a source of hope, and a unity that binds us together. In this collection, the motivations of the artist may – or may not – be revealed through their work. We may simply be able to compare interpretations of themes in Christ’s life.

Anglicans are a marvelously diverse faith community blessed with many “faces of Christ.” While this exhibit is small and doesn’t begin to tap all the imagery available, it is nonetheless an invitation to look at Christ through artists’ eyes. It also invites us to seek the Risen Christ and know the presence of that divine relationship in our own lives.