Lenten Reflections and Meditations

Go! for Lent: John 16:28

March 15, 2016
Lenten Reflections

One of the gifts of pondering my discipleship as part of the Jesus Movement is the opportunity to reflect on the ways in which I move in Jesus’ name.

To whom do I go and why? Might it be to one in the margins who seeks friendship. Might it be to the imprisoned who need a loving companion. Might it be to an estranged relation with whom I seek forgiveness. And how do I move about a regular, uneventful day? Might I walk lightly and simply so as to better care for our earth. In which direction, for example, do I move my money? Might it be toward that which eases hunger, abject loneliness, and the abuses that are rampant in our world. And movements  of the heart? Might they be toward confession, reconciliation, and courage.

Yet there is one essential, foundational movement. A movement from which flows our being and which gives meaning and insight to all of our doings. It is the movement evocative of Jesus’ words in John 16:28. Do we go to the Father in Jesus’ name? Do we go continually? Do we go in all things, seeking God’s will for us? We are always in God’s presence, to be sure. Some might wonder how we “go” to a God that is nearer than even our own breath. And yet Jesus’ life, as well as our Christian tradition, teaches us that intentional movement toward God shapes us.

Prayerfully, we discern God’s will for the smallest and largest incidents in our lives. In worship, we ask for and receive the food and teaching for faithful living. In every person, we seek Christ. These are movements of our very selves toward God through Christ. As the Psalms witness, the people of God have a long history of going to Him in all manner of states and intention. Whether we go in supplication, joy, thanksgiving, anger, dejectedness, perplexity, curiosity, insatiability, weariness, resentment, reluctance, or hopefulness, disciples are those who go first, continually, and for all things to God in Jesus’ name.