Lenten Reflections and Meditations

Go! for Lent: Mark 10:52

March 3, 2016
Lenten Reflections

Bartimaeus, the blind man of Jericho, had an incredible faith in Jesus and what He could do for him.  Imagine this man sitting on the floor, begging for help, money, food, etc., you get the picture, right?  Well, this is the same man that had an amazing opportunity and, without hesitation, did everything he could to get Jesus attention.  The scripture says that Bartimaeus shouted and called Jesus, but many people discouraged him and even told him to be quiet.  They did not succeed: Bartimaeus kept calling the Son of David until Jesus Himself called for him.  Also in our lives we have people close to us that dishearten us, instead of helping us.

Moved by his desire and faith to be healed, Bartimaeus jumped and went to Jesus.  He was so confident that Jesus was going to hear his request that he didn’t hesitate to stand up and go to Him.  How many times do we need God’s help but are so focused on our problems, that we miss including Him in our situations and asking for His Help and guidance?  When we include Him in everything that is important to us, He will act and hear what we want to say.  If it is important to us, it is important to Him.

Now this is where things get even better because Jesus goes straight to the point and ask Bartimaeus,  “What do you want me to do for you?” Bartimaeus’ answer was “let me see again,” and Jesus acknowledged the faith of this man and said to him “Go, your faith has saved you.” For me that represents the verbal expression of His love to us.  He cares that much for us, and I believe that every day He asks each of us this same question.  What do you want me to do for you?  Imagine that, think about it for a minute.  Imagine listening to Him asking you that question right now.  What would you say?  What would you ask from Him?

Bartimaeus’ request was heard and answered by Jesus, because he believed in the Son of David, in His power, and love.  Lent is a time of reflection, to believe in Jesus and His sacrifice, to become true believers of His love and mercy.  Let’s do as Bartimaeus!  Go, call Jesus and ask Him for your miracle, no matter what it is.  He cares about it; He cares about you.  He will say to you like He said to that blind man of Jericho: “Go, your faith has saved you”.