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I Was a Stranger and You Welcomed Me: The Church Responds to the Needs of Central American Migrants

October 1, 2014
Migration Ministries

Throughout the summer, Episcopalians responded to the growing humanitarian needs at the border by lifting their voices, calling for compassion, loving service, and prayer. Episcopal Migration Ministries (EMM) and Justice and Advocacy Ministries jointly offered a churchwide webinar called “Central American Migrants: An Episcopal Response.” Immigration advocates across the church stayed in touch with the fast-evolving discourse in Washington and contacted their members of Congress to make their voices heard.

And the work continues: The Diocese of Michigan is filling welcome bags to provide for the immigrant children and family’s immediate material needs; the Diocese of Los Angeles’ Episcopal News shares a story about the EMM affiliate Interfaith Immigration and Refugee Services and the wider diocese’s response to the child asylum seekers; in the Diocese of Southeast Florida, Bishop Leo Frade and Charlande Michel, the director of Episcopal Migration Ministries’ Miami office, discuss the situation and how the church can respond; and the Rev. Julie Fisher, rector of Christ Church in Kent, Diocese of Ohio, offers an interactive sermon or Christian formation outline for a Gospel-based skit called “Jesus at the Borderlands,” based on Matthew 15:21-28, highlighting the call to welcome the stranger.

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