African Descent Ministries

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A revised biography of Absalom Jones with improved accuracy and errors removed is now available in full on the website of The Historical Society of the Episcopal Church. It is the official biography in Lesser Feasts and Fasts 2018 (page 90).

Episcopal Black Clergy & Congregation Directory

A goal of the Office of Black Ministries (OBM) is to work for the full inclusion of Black Peoples in the life and leadership of the church. OBM is updating its directory in order to improve communication, network ministries, and resources across the church; as well as to gather and share information. 

Office of African Descent Ministries Coaching Intake Form

The following section contains questions that will help the coach understand you better as a potential client and will help to best match you with one of our qualified coaches.  Please take time to think about these questions and answer as openly as you feel comfortable. Your selected coach will explore your responses to these questions during the initial session.

The Rev. Canon Ronald C. Byrd Sr.

Missioner for African Descent Ministries

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