Faith Formation


If there is anything that creates more conversation and passion in church circles with parents, clergy, Christian educators, youth ministers, and even bishops it’s the topic of confirmation. A multitude of curricula has been written across the denominational spectrum, resolutions put forth at the Episcopal Church’s triennial General Convention over the decades, and dioceses attempting to develop standards and guidelines. For some it is muddy, for others it is something not to be messed with. But where are we (the Episcopal Church) in our understanding, preparation of youth, practice, and forming of disciples in this (what some still say is) “rite in search of a meaning”?

From these questions, a Confirmation Collaborative was convened at Virginia Theological Seminary in 2019. Since that time, this Collaborative has grown to include anyone who has a passion for confirmation and youth ministry. A generative “think tank,” the resulting webpages are a collection of the wisdom that continues to be created and shared. It is through these pages that you will find the most comprehensive listing of best practices and resources regarding confirmation in the Episcopal Church.

Click here to visit the Confirmation Collaborative pages on Virginia Theological Seminary’s Baptized for Life website.

David Stickley

Formation Associate

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