Office of Government Relations

EPPN Ambassador Program

Effective advocacy is driven by strong relationships, nurtured over time, and across differences, emphasizing the role each of us plays in our common life together. This means advocacy is not merely voicing a yes or no position but includes asking how we can work and dialogue together to solve problems.

The Episcopal Public Policy Network (EPPN) Ambassador Program, launched in June 2020, is a group of Episcopalians across the Church who help amplify our messaging on advocacy, education, and civic engagement. It is our belief that advocacy and civic engagement are an integral part of following Jesus’ example in caring for others, and it is our hope that these Ambassadors can help build closer relationships with Episcopalians across the country to help facilitate federal-level advocacy.

The main goals for each Ambassador are to increase the number of advocacy actions taken and expand the use of our resources. The main approach involves developing local infrastructure for communication and engagement. Their contributions are an integral part of our success, and since you’re here reading this page, we hope you may consider taking on this role.

Screening Process

Interested parties should first review the “Description of Responsibilities” and “Code of Conduct” documents to get a sense of what is involved. If this work interests you, please then complete our application form. After filling out the form, applicants may be contacted for a brief 30-minute interview with OGR staff. If accepted, each ambassador will be required to sign and submit the code of conduct form, acknowledging the stipulations for participation in the program.