Prison Ministries

Because the prison system can be a painful and damaging process for inmates and their families, these individuals are often in great need of being treated with dignity and compassion, as our faith calls us to do. Episcopal Prison Ministries works with inter-religious groups and government officials to assist inmates and their families, as well as those on parole, supports summer camp programs for children of people who are incarcerated and calls for reform not only of the prison system but of the criminal justice system.
An ecumenical organization that attempts to bring under one roof all Prison Ministries involved in crime prevention and in the rehabilitation through the Word of God worldwide.
An ecumenical ministry of hospice care for terminally ill inmates and those facing the prospect of dying in prison, and of supporting corrections officials in their efforts to develop hospice care in other institutions.
Partners with local churches across the country to minister to a group that society often scorns and neglects: prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their families. The focus of their ministry includes fellowshipping with Jesus, visiting prisoners, and welcoming the children of prisoners.