Racial Reconciliation

“Will you seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving your neighbor as yourself? Will you strive for justice and peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every human being?”

2021 Inventory of Racial Justice and Truth-Telling Ministries

Based on surveys completed by 72 dioceses, the inventory details ministries of racial reconciliation, justice and healing across The Episcopal Church. Researched and organized by the Racial Reconciliation and Justice Team in partnership with Justice and Sustainability Associates (JSA), the inventory provides an up-to-date picture of what ministries are happening and where, along with contacts and local resources. 

Explore the inventory in these three ways:

Explore by Ministry Area (Summaries)

The inventory is broken into four sections, corresponding with the four quadrants of the Becoming Beloved Community labyrinth:

Explore by Ministry Area (In-depth)

The Inventory Report – available as a PDF – is a treasure trove featuring summary graphs for each ministry area, plus lists of dioceses that reported what they’re doing in each ministry area, often with commentary and links to local resources.

Explore by Diocese

The inventory is also organized so you can view the Diocesan Racial Justice Ministry Profiles for each participating diocese. You’ll see a diocesan PDF detailing specific ways the diocese engaged in all four quadrants of the Beloved Community labyrinth over the last 12 months, along with info about their ministries and ministry leaders.

Past Webinars

These three webinars were designed to help leaders to explore the inventory and learn and connect with others, especially around Truth-Telling ministries and Truth & Reconciliation processes. Click here for details.

Spotlight on Truth-Telling Ministries

Stay tuned for even more about Truth and Reconciliation (or Truth, Reckoning and Healing) processes across The Episcopal Church. We continue to organize data, resources and stories from innovative dioceses and institutions engaging in telling the truth about the church and race, reckoning and repentance for our history and present complicity, and repairing and healing the wounds of racism.

How to Use the Inventory

  1. Learn and Share: Familiarize yourself with the array of ways that dioceses, congregations and institutions are pursuing racial justice and healing, and discover resources and contacts
  2. Inspire: Read the PDF report and be inspired by comments and stories of how other dioceses are “doing the work”, all in response to unique local histories, context, demographics, geographies, etc.
  3. Connect: Connect to communities that might learn from you, support and assist you, or collaborate with your efforts toward racial justice and truth and reconciliation.
  4. Compare: Check results from the 2020 Inventory and note how the work is advancing and shifting over time.

Josh Babb

Project Manager for Justice and Sustainability Associates

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