Becoming Beloved Community

Realizing Beloved Community 

Report from the House of Bishops Theology Committee
Edited by Allen K. Shin and Larry R. Benfield, Foreword by Michael B. Curry
Study Guide from The Episcopal Church Office of Racial Reconciliation and Justice 

This long-awaited work by the Church’s top clergy, scholars and thought leaders examines the theological foundation of Beloved Community and such important topics as the legacy and sin of white supremacy, racial healing, the call for reparations, and the legacy of the doctrine of discovery. 

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Realizando la Amada Comunidad 

Informe de la Comité de Teología de la Cámara de Obispos y Obispas
Editada por Allen K. Shin y Larry R. Benfield, Prólogo por Michael B. Curry
Guía de debate por La Iglesia Episcopal – Oficina de Reconciliación Racial y Justicia

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