Young Adult and Campus Ministry

Young Adult and Campus Ministry Council

The Young Adult and Campus Ministry Advisory Council is made up of 8-12 people representing the church and serving in a variety of settings. This council includes the Provincial Coordinators for Campus Ministry and Young Adult Ministers. The council serves with the Officer for Young Adult and Campus Ministry to nurture, advise and coordinate young adult ministry efforts on and off college campuses and to help maintain cohesion between the Provinces and The Episcopal Church. They facilitate communication among various ministers in the Province and at the church-wide level. They serve at many levels of the church, including provinces, dioceses, institutions of higher learning, campus ministries, students, student groups, and young adult ministries.

Province 1
Will Harron
, email
Network Organizer, Young Adult Ministry Network
Episcopal Diocese of Western Massachusetts

Province 2
The Rev. Laurence Wainwright-Maks, 
Episcopal Chaplain, Rochester Institute of Technology
National Technical Institute for the Deaf

Province 3

Province 4
The Rev. Brian Smith
Chaplain – Episcopal University Center
Chapel of the Resurrection & Ruge Hall

Province 5
The Rev. Stacy Alan
, email
Chaplain, Brent House, the Episcopal Center at the University of Chicago

Province 6
Steve Mullaney
, email
Chaplain, University Episcopal Community, University of Minnesota

Province 7
The Rev. Blake Woods, 
Episcopal Chaplain, St. Anselm of Canterbury 
University of Oklahoma

Province 8
Brad Eubanks
Campus Minister and Chaplain,
LCM | Canterbury,
The Episcopal and Lutheran Campus Ministries in Flagstaff

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The Rev. Shannon Kelly

Director of Faith Formation and Officer for Young Adult and Campus Ministries