Christ Episcopal Church, Norwich, CT

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The Rev J Hugh A James - Rector

About Us: 

About Us

Our Mission

Christ Episcopal Church Norwich is an inclusive, caring, and unified congregation, which welcomes people from all backgrounds. We are a multigenerational parish with a strong Episcopal tradition. Located in an urban community, the "gateway" church to downtown Norwich, we lift up Christ in our liturgy, Christian formation, spiritually inspired music and provide Holy ground for people on a faith journey. In order to improve ourselves, we look beyond ourselves to serve God in our community. We have a forward looking and ever growing commitment to local out reach and Christian stewardship. We seek to share Christ's light and God's grace with others.

As members of Christ's body we strive to spread His love in the world by:

1. Feeding the hungry
2. Expanding His ministry
3. Encouraging and fostering increased individual participation in His Church
4. Sharing the gift of music and the arts in our community
5. Welcoming and supporting all who seek His grace

Regular Hours of Service

Sunday Services: 8 AM & 10 AM
Morning Prayer: Tuesdays 9 AM
Bible Study: Thursdays 9:30 AM

    In July and August we normally hold services at 8 AM  and 9 AM instead of the normal 8 AM & 10 AM services we hold during the rest of the year.

    Christ Episcopal Church

    We are a small but active parish in Norwich, a 350-year-old city of 37,000 in southeastern Connecticut, known as "The Rose of New England."

    We pride ourselves on our excellent music program and our efforts to assist those in our city who can use a helping hand.

    We're young and not-as-young-as-we-used-to-be. Some of us grew up in the area and in the Episcopal Church, while others made their way here later in life. However we got here, we have all found a special home at Christ Episcopal Church.

    We hope you'll join us for worship or perhaps to enjoy a Sunday afternoon concert and that you will feel at home here, too.

    We are located at 78 Washington Street, Norwich CT 06360 and may be contacted at 860.887.4249 or


    78 Washington Street
    Norwich, CT 06360
    United States