Grace Episcopal Church, Traverse City, MI

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Welcome to the GracePage.  We are a growing, energetic Episcopal church in downtown Traverse City, Michigan.  This is a little marker about who we are and what we are about.

We are a deeply liturgical people.  Episcopalians do love their liturgy (structured worship).  Our Book of Common Prayer may be the best little thing Anglicanism has given the Christian world.  It is at once guide to common worship, daily prayer, devotion, and history and catechism, homework folder, guidebook, and lifelong companion.  Our Prayer Book is not meant to be left in the pew.  We bring our own and we take them home.

If you are new or just don’t have a Book of Common Prayer, the Very Rev. Daniel Richards, otherwise known around here as “Daniel”, wants you, implores you, impels you to take one home.  I know this seems like a crazy thing to do, but we are about discipleship here, and equipping the saints, ala. Paul of Tarsus.  We want you to experience the full depth and beauty of the Episcopal tradition of Christianity, and we believe that you’ll be back for more.

So get to know us a little through the pages here, and come join us for worship, and begin a lifelong walk of faith.


341 Washington
Traverse City, MI 49684
United States