St. George's Episcopal Church, Anderson, SC

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About Us: 

We worship according to the Book of Common Prayer. We teach the “Faith once delivered to the Saints” (the traditional understanding of Jesus’s theology) to people of reason. We understand that we are saved by the Faith of Jesus  which is the grace of God  (as it does say in the Authorized Bible)  and not by our faith in Jesus; (as some do teach) which the Presiding Bishop calls “a work”  of man.

We understand that mankind has been redeemed by the sacrifice of Jesus, and all people could be saved through Christ, though we may not understand how this happens for  others who are not Christians.

As Episcopalians we are not dogmatic.  We depend upon the teachings of the Bishops of the Church since the 2nd century and the decisions of Ecumenical Councils through the 5th. century. We encourage everyone to study scripture, honor the traditions, and use their intelligence to understand the teachings of Jesus and The Father.

We have a Trinitarian understanding of God and profess the Nicene Creed. We are part of the Anglican Communion of Churches who worship with the Book of Common Prayer.  Now 80 million members and in 2014 the 3rd. largest Christian Religion in the world.


2206 East Greenville Street
Anderson, SC 29621
United States