St. Nicholas' Episcopal Church, Elk Grove Village, IL

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The Rev. Manuel "Manny" Borg, Vicar

About Us: 

Being St. Nick


St. Nicholas Church is many things to many people. We honor traditions handed down to us from the earliest of Christians, while we actively engage in the 21st century with a progressive faith that keeps step with current times. We are steeped in ancient liturgical practices, yet we do not shy away from expressing our beliefs in ways that are understandable and contemporary. We are dynamic and life-giving, yet, we are “static” as we maintain and practice, with full faith, the teachings of Christ, the apostles and the early disciples. We embrace our history, while we boldly move into the future, always professing Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.


At St. Nicholas, our worship is as diverse as our community. We are Anglican in identity, though we graciously borrow from other faith traditions with regards to music and prayer.


The structure of our worship comes from the Book of Common Prayer, a staple in Anglican / Episcopal worship for more than four hundred years.

You Are Welcome

Visitors to St Nicholas usually say two things about us:
— We are warmly welcoming and accepting — you won’t be a stranger long.
— We are different. That’s because we include everyone: kids, interfaith families, people of color,
gay women and men, people in recovery, young, old, and more.

Many in our congregation originally came from other Christian denominations (predominantly
from the Roman Catholic tradition (post Vatican II) and have found a home in the Episcopal
Church. At St. Nicholas, we have a community that blends the two great traditions, embracing both
in worship and outreach. Some members are from the Jewish faith. They, too, have found comfort
here at St. Nick’s.

While our church facility is located in Elk Grove Village, IL., our congregation has drawn from
other communities throughout metropolitan Chicago — Hoffman Estates, Schaumburg, Streamwood,
Cary, Lombard, and even the city of Chicago itself.

We affirm, respect, and celebrate every person who comes through our doors. There are no
labels. No barriers. No limits. We believe families come in all shapes and sizes, and we do our very
best to demonstrate that each of us is a unique child of God - loved and created in His image. We
make sure that those who have been excluded from other churches know that it won’t happen
here. At St. Nicholas all will nd a home that provides comfort, support, and af rmation - just as
Jesus would have wanted.


1072 Ridge Avenue
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
United States