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2016-2017 Conant Grants awarded

March 17, 2016
Office of Public Affairs

Nineteen grants for a total of $140,816 have been awarded through the Conant Grants from The Episcopal Church for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Conant Grant funds are provided for the improvement of seminary-based theological education. Specifically, the grants are directed for the support of research, writing and course development undertaken by faculty members at the recognized Episcopal seminaries in the United States. The funds are derived from a trust fund established by William S. and Mary M. Conant in 1953. 

The 2016-2017 Conant Grants were awarded to:     


  • The Rev Susanna Singer, PhD, Church Divinity School of the Pacific; Community Organizing and Theological Education;  $1,675
  • Dr. Jennifer Snow, Church Divinity School of the Pacific; Making One Flesh: Sexuality, Marriage, and Mission in the Global Church;  $4,850
  • The Rev. Dr. Sheryl A. Kujawa-Holbrook, EdD, PhD, Claremont School of Theology; Love and Power: Racial Justice and Spiritual Formation; $6,250
  • Dr. Kwok, Pui Lan, Episcopal Divinity School; Empire, the New Testament, and Early Christianity;  $5,525
  • Suzanne R. Ehly, Episcopal Divinity School; Unleashing the Voices of First Nations and Settler Anglicans: Healing Voices and Imaginations, Strengthening Witness and Leadership;  $5,500
  • The Rev. Barbara Cawthorne Crafton, General Theological Seminary; The Dream of the Priest; $1,841
  • The Rev. Michael Battle, General Theological Seminary; Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s spiritual life and practices;  $10,000
  • The Rev. Clair McPherson, General Theological Seminary; Offer a Seminary course abroad, with Credit in Ascetical Theology, Church History, or Systematic Theology, during a two-week tour of historical sites, Cathedrals, and Monasteries in France, with a special focus on the south; $4,745
  • Dr. James F. Turrell, School of Theology, University of the South; Documentation of Patterns of Worship across the Episcopal Church in the US; $15,000
  • Bishop James Tengatenga, School of Theology, University of the South; The East African Slave Trade and the Church; $6,825
  • Dr. Daniel Joslyn-Siemiatkoski, Seminary of the Southwest; Anglican Divines and the Jewish Tradition: Resourcing an Anglican Theology of Religions; $5,700
  • The Rev. Jane Lancaster Patterson, Ph.D., Seminary of the Southwest; Developing a Faithful Christian Practice; $4,950
  • Dr. John Ashley Null, Trinity School for Ministry; Cranmer Great Commonplaces; $14,895
  • The Rev. Melody D. Knowles, PhD., Virginia Theological Seminary; Writing workshop for Psalms Commentary Series;  $4,855
  • The Rev. Justin Lewis-Anthony, Ph.D, Virginia Theological Seminary; The Great Wordlessness: Etty Hillesum and Jheronimus Bosch;  $11,450  
  • The Rev. Robert S. Heaney, PhD., D. Phil., Virginia Theological Seminary; The Mission of God in Post-Colonial Perspective;  $14,980
  • Dr. Hannah Matis Perett, Virginia Theological Seminary; Medevial Spirituality and the Modern Church: Mysticism and Pilgrimage; $6,700
  • The Very Rev. Ian S. Markham, Ph.D, Virginia Theological Seminary; An Engagement with the work of Martyn Percy;  $4,291
  • The Rev. J. Barney Hawkins, Ph.D, Virginia Theological Seminary; Book – Sacred Space; 10,784


The Conant Grant committee members were:  Bishop Brian Thom, Diocese of Idaho;     and Executive Council members Joseph Ferrell, Diocese of North Carolina, Canon Dr. Steven Nishibayashi, Diocese of Los Angeles, Bishop Dabney Smith, Diocese of Southwest Florida, and Dr. Fredrica Thompsett, Diocese of Massachusetts.

For information contact Ann Hercules, Mission Grants Associate.