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Episcopal Church Office of Communications presents White Paper on social media for congregations

July 20, 2011
Office of Public Affairs
The Episcopal Church Office of Communication has issued a White Paper to guide congregations and to assist them in understanding the many potentials available for growth, expansion and telling their stories through social media.

Social Media and The Episcopal Church is available here:

“So much of the information out there about using web and social media marketing is geared towards selling products and services,” commented Jake Dell, Episcopal Church senior manager of Digital Marketing and Advertising. “We saw the need to write a guide that Episcopal congregations could use and would speak to them, but at the same time we wanted to ‘borrow’ as much as we could from the business world. We didn’t see a need to re-invent the wheel.”

Included in free Social Media and The Episcopal Church are: six Best Practices; “How To” tips for each practice; and separate sections on church websites and dealing with negative social media.

“Episcopal congregations already know they need to be online and active in creating local excitement about their mission and ministries,” Dell said. “What they may not know is how easy the web has become to use.”

Dell explained that the impetus for the White Paper stemmed from the congregations who were aware they needed information and expressed that they didn’t know where to look.

“I get so many calls from rectors and parish communications teams who are paralyzed — their webmaster has left or moved away and no one knows how this thing works,” Dell explained. “But those days are over. I want churches to see there is a way forward and to help get them on the path to growth.”

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Social Media and The Episcopal Church:

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