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Episcopal Church trust funds update

July 31, 2014
Office of Public Affairs

Episcopal Church Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer N. Kurt Barnes announced that the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society’s (DFMS) trust funds, which total $380 million, continued an exceptional performance during the first six months of 2014. 

The trust funds account for 25% of the annual budget of The Episcopal Church.

Barnes explained, “Annual returns after all fees and expenses were 18.6%, 14.1% and 7.7% for the one-, five- and 10-years ending March 31, 2014 – ranking within the top 20% of all foundations with assets over $50 million as tracked by the InvestorForce Performance Reporting Network (subsidiary of MSCI Inc.).”

The DFMS welcomes the participation of Episcopal congregations, dioceses and Episcopal organizations and institutions to co-invest with the DFMS trusts.  Currently some 75 Episcopal entities co-invest over $100 million. 

“We believe that our consistent performance with no additional management fees is what attracted an additional $3 million of assets from new participants during the first six months,” added T. Dennis Sullivan, chair of the Executive Council’s Investment Committee. 



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